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Yousef Al-Jazzazi

About Me:

Hello!! My name is Yousef Al-Jazzazi, and I am an 17 years old active student with computer science passion. I am a senior at King's Academy. I was born and raised in As-Salt. A love of learning is what drives me forward.

What I want to learn in this course?

I feel that learning HTML and CSS by themselves is very basic, and thus boring. This is why I think we should step it up a little bit and learn JavaScript.

Favorite Classes by order:

  1. Topics in programming
  2. Physics C
  3. Art of Poetry- Arabic
  4. Economics
  5. Arabic Ensemble
  6. Calculus
  7. Art of Essay- English

3 Most Used Websites:

Favoirte Classic Song:

A picture from my account on Viewbug:

As-Salt city from yousefaljazzazi.

What I do to pass time in class: